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George W. Haley, Former US Ambassador to Gambia, and brother of the late Alex P. Haley. is presented a CD ROM of ROOTS: The Heritage Game by Clarence Mason (left), President of Heritage Works, Inc. and Richard E. Barber, Sr., President of Penny Lovers of America, Inc.

The Heritage Game is an educational trivia game on African-American history with over 1000 questions in 6 categories for 1 to 6 players. Take on the challenge of the Griot in answering questions of three levels of difficulty in History, Science, Arts & Literature, Sports, Entertainment and Government.You can track your achievement with statistics screens and watch your knowledge of African-American history increase.

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  Quantities Price and Shipping & Handling
  1 - 5 $39.95 each + $4.00
  6 - 10 $39.95 each + $7.00
  11 - 25 $39.95 each + $10.00
  26 - 49 $39.95 each + $15.00
  50 or more
(20 % discount)
$31.95 each + $20.00

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