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By Richard E. Barber, Sr.
Written in 1984

Give the Penny Lovers of America your isolated, abused and trampled on, lonely and hidden pennies yearning to be loved and useful. You will find us In desks, kitchens and dresser drawers, in closets, behind and under furniture, in shoe boxes, under and between car seats and in piggy banks, forgotten and therefore non-productive. We lead a humble and hermit-like existence, not fully appreciated and therefore not circulated as the other coins. My individual purchasing power is practically nil. What can you buy for a penny today? There's no more penny candy, bubble gum, or baseball and football cards! Children use to want me, but no more. Why do I really exist? What is my purpose in this society? The answer, I believe, is in unity, for in unity there is strength and through strength there can be great and significant achievements. Therefore, pennies of the world, let us unite and we will become a powerful and creative economic force in this society.

Colin Powell
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Ozzie Davis
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Let the pennies come forth from the North, the South, the East and the West. From the great cities of America -- New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Boston, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami and Orlando, Dallas and Houston, New Orleans and others, to small country towns such as Trenton and Seaboard, North Carolina, villages and sleep hamlets in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, Iowa and Wyoming, The Dakotas -- all the states and territories. From prison cells to military installations around the globe, let the pennies come!

With organized PENNY POWER we will send kids to computer and recreational ca1mps; we will provide scholarships to disadvantaged under-privileged and handicapped young people, we can bring joy, happiness and companionship into the lives of senior citizens. United, we represent meaningful community and economic development projects, food, clothing and shelter for the homeless. United, we represent cultural arts and crafts programs, laughing and happy children in day care centers, educational and training programs for the unemployed and under-employed, and health and human services for our citizens. Yes, there is no limit to what we pennies can do united with a sense of purpose and devoted to an agenda of progress for our people. So all of you Penny Lovers, on your mark, get set, come and get us!

This monologue was recorded on video by Actor, Ossie Davis , for our organization in 1984 and is used in our workshops and seminars across the nation.

The message conveyed in A PENNY SPEAKS provides the mission and purpose of our organization - Penny Lovers of America, Inc. - a non-profit scholarship and economic development organization founded in 1984 to promote and implement the goals, objectives and ideals of this noble cause. Over the last ten (10) years, I have traveled this nation spreading the message of "self-help, self-reliance and economic development" in urban and rural communities with the penny being the primary vehicle for meaningful "Penny Power." The message is documented in a book I wrote entitled, "THE ECONOMIC EMANCIPATION OF AFRICAN--AMERICANS" (Let the Church Say, Amen).

As we celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of Penny Lovers of America - we have undertaken a National Penny Recycling Campaign with two (2) primary objectives. First, to raise 1,000,000 pounds of pennies for much needed scholarship funds for under-privileged students struggling to achieve a college education, and to support community development projects. Secondly, to address the national "penny shortage" plaguing financial institutions, merchants and retail establishments. The National Penny Recycling Campaign will be conducted during the period September 1, 1995 thru December 31, 1995.

We are hopeful that all Americans will join our cause in recycling pennies and thereby financially assisting needy students, and also help the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and the U.S. Mint in alleviating this "National Penny Shortage."

The adage, "a penny saved is a penny earned" has long provided a sense of thriftiness, respect and inspiration (for the penny). My generation learned that valuable lesson at an early age and hopefully we can pass it on to the young people of today. My father always told me to "take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves." America would be well served today if all Americans took that lesson to heart. I pray that we do.

Persons interested in participating and supporting the National Penny Recycling Campaign should write to:

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